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Z CAM 6K cameras are part of a line of professional cinema cameras produced by Z CAM, a company known for creating high-quality, compact cinema cameras. As of my last update in April 2023, here are some key features and aspects of Z CAM 6K cameras:

6K Resolution: These cameras are capable of shooting in 6K resolution, providing high-detail imagery suitable for professional film and video production.

Sensor Size: They typically feature a Super 35mm sensor, which is a standard in the film industry, offering a good balance between depth of field and low-light performance.

Compact Design: Z CAM cameras are known for their compact and modular design, making them suitable for a variety of shooting conditions, including handheld, gimbal, and drone work.

Recording Formats: They support various professional recording formats, including ProRes and ZRAW. ZRAW is Z CAM’s proprietary raw format, offering flexibility in post-production color grading.

Frame Rates: These cameras usually offer high frame rate options for slow-motion footage.

Connectivity: They often include multiple connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB-C, which can be used for live streaming, file transfer, and camera control.

Mount Options: Z CAM 6K cameras typically come with interchangeable lens mounts, such as EF or MFT (Micro Four Thirds), allowing a wide range of lens compatibility.

Color Science: Z CAM has its own color science technology, which is praised for its natural skin tones and color rendering.

User Interface: The cameras usually feature a user-friendly interface, with options for controlling via a smartphone app.

Community and Firmware Updates: Z CAM has an active user community and is known for regularly updating firmware to add new features and improve camera performance.

It’s important to note that there are different models within the Z CAM 6K range, and each may have specific features and capabilities. For the latest information and specific model details, it’s best to refer to the official Z CAM website or recent product reviews.

OzEmu announces distribution of Z Cam products in Australia

OzEmu, one of Australia’s newest distributors of leading video and camera equipment, announced the launch of Z Cam in Australia and New Zealand. With a strong foothold and reputation in the cinematic camera market, Z Cam has gained significant momentum in recent times owing to its first-of-its kind compact design, modularity and cost effectiveness that opened the product up to wider markets.
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