Z CAM E2-F6 (E1901) Full Frame 6K Cinema Camera with Exascend CFast 2.0 memory card, 512GB

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The Z CAM E2-F6 Full-Frame 6K Cinema Camera (EF Mount) is a professional-grade camera that is designed for filmmakers and content creators who require high-quality visuals and advanced features. This camera features a full-frame 6K sensor that is capable of capturing high-resolution footage with incredible detail and color depth. It uses an EF mount, which provides compatibility with a wide range of lenses and accessories, giving you greater flexibility and creative control.

One of the standout features of the Z CAM E2-F6 is its high dynamic range (HDR) capabilities, which allow you to capture footage with a wider range of colors and tones than traditional cameras. This makes it an ideal choice for filmmakers who are looking to create stunning, immersive content that stands out from the crowd.

The Z CAM E2-F6 also offers advanced recording options, including 10-bit ProRes and 12-bit RAW recording, giving you greater flexibility when it comes to post-production. Additionally, it features high-speed recording capabilities of up to 120 fps in 4K resolution, allowing you to capture fast-moving action with ease.

Other features of the Z CAM E2-F6 include built-in WiFi and Ethernet connectivity, allowing you to easily transfer footage and control the camera remotely. It also features a 3.5mm audio input and a headphone output, allowing you to capture high-quality audio along with your footage.

Overall, the Z CAM E2-F6 Full-Frame 6K Cinema Camera (EF Mount) is a powerful and versatile camera that is designed to meet the needs of professional filmmakers and content creators. With its advanced features and high-quality output, it is a great choice for anyone who is looking to take their content creation to the next level.

Z CAM E2-F6 Full Frame 6K Cinema Camera

  • 12-Bit ProRes RAW recording over HDMI to the Ninja V 5” HDR monitor-recorder
  • 6K @60fps* & 4K @120fps* max, 10-bit color
  • Full Frame CMOS sensor
  • 15 stops dynamic range
  • ZRAW supported
  • EF mount (with optional M, MFT, and PL mount accessory)**
  • Gigabit Ethernet for data, control & live preview

* In 2.4:1 aspect ratio
** eND module (optional accessory, not included) slot is supported on EF & PL lens mount

Exascend CFast 2.0 memory card, 512GB 

  • Exascend Exclusive – Adaptive Thermal Control (ATC): ATC improves reliability and enhances sustained performance and quality of service (QoS) while preventing the CFast card from overheating across thermally challenged operating environments.  ATC continuously monitors drive thermals, and regulates drive performance to keep thermal under control, sustaining highest performance while keeping under the thermal envelope.
  • Exascend Exclusive – Life Time Firmware Update and Service Support: Throughout the life time of the Z CAM certified CFast 2.0, Exascend will continue to enhance and support Z CAM camera platform, ensuring forward compatibility.
  • Exascend Exclusive – Factory Data Rescue Service*: If ever the card becomes inoperable from physical damage, Exascend provides an optional Factory Data Rescue service to retrieve your invaluable content.
    * a minimal handling cost will be charged.