Z CAM WonderLive

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System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  • CPU : i7 is recommended
  • GPU: AMD WX7100, Nvidia GTX 1070/1080 are recommended
  • Memory: 8GB or above
  • Network Adapter: Two network adapters are recommended. One is directly connected to Z CAM S1 and the other one to Internet for streaming.

Supported Features

  • Up to 4K output resolution equirectangular image
  • Save live stitched video file
  • Preview live stitched video
  • Weibo Live integrated
  • RTMP live streaming output


Quick User Guide

  1. Open Z CAM Controller, select network mode to Direct, connect Z CAM S1 to PC directly through the Ethernet port.
  2. Connect power to Z CAM S1 and it will be turned on automatically.
  3. PC should be connected to Internet in order to perform RTMP live streaming.
  4. On Z CAM Controller, click the tab Tools and select Z CAM WonderLive, four IP addresses will be detected and shown.
  5. Select the below options accordingly:
    Stitch template

    •  Auto adaptation: Configuration file will be generated automatically.
    •  PTGui file: Browse to select your own PTGui file deemed fit.


    •  Select resolution, bit rate and IDR interval according to network conditions.


    •  URL: Manual input URL to stream.


    • Preview: Select this output option to enable live preview in equirectangular format.
    • SDI: Blackmagic Design DeckLink Studio 4K card has been functionally tested and verified. Note that if SDI is selected, all other output options would then be prohibited.
    • Stitched file: Save stitched video (with audio track) to a file.
    • Source file: Save original video/audio streams to four respective files.

    Note that RTMP, Preview, Saving stitched video could work simultaneously depending on system performance.

  6. Press Live to start live streaming.